Silence ((The Lost Boys of Sudan))

Mon, 05/25/2015 - 22:12 -- emmew9

A road.

A road to hope.

A road to the future that these Lost Boys dream of.

But there’s also a road to hurt.

Destruction. Hate. Agony. Demise.

A road.

Walking down the road.

Fatigue washes over us

like waves in the ocean.

Death covering us.


Death is a game of soccer.

The ball is passed around and around,

some children get it, others don’t.

They just want to play and enjoy life,

but this game of soccer is not as easily played.

Every step.

Every painful step taken.

Knowing death could be right around the corner

Every stride is one step closer.

One step closer to surviving.

The next day.

Pain continuing.

Fighting. Running. Crying. Begging.

Just see the next day. and the next. and the next.  

This is not easy.

This is not fun.

This is survival.

Kids that are left behind.

Tears like a stream through a dirty field.

Crying in agony because they know.

These are the last minutes.

The last time.

The last time this boy will see the earth in his few short years of life.

6 years.

The darkness, pain, hurt, suffering,


It all comes after 6 short years of life.


That eerie silence that death brings.

Yet, they don’t give up on each other.

No man left behind.



These kids are survivors.

This is survival of the thousands of Lost Boys band together by the pain and loss that they all share.

They live, they fight, they die, determined to survive.

They are determined to survive...together.


Finding safety and the chance to live.


Keeping focused on what lies ahead.


A long road to hope.


The opportunity to have a future.


The journey to live,

the journey to life.

Even in death there is life.

There is always hope.

But the pain of walking.

The longing for water.

The constant starvation.


Death waits for no one.

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