We will live or we will die, but whichever the result we shall do so in silence.

We will suffer or we will give up, but whichever the choice, we shall decide in silence.

We will be pacified or we will stay violent, but no matter how loud the sound of our actions may be, you will never know for it will still be silent.

We will not allow a sound of truth to escape our lips as long as that truth remains to be part of our suffering.

Soundless is the quarrel within ourselves and thus speechless we shall also choose to remain.

Each day is stained with the blood of our psyche, and sometimes our actual veins.

While others thrash about, or play games to cope with their pain, we stay silent for others and ourselves.

So please do not shame those like us when we finally chose to speak.

The decidedly silent are soft spoken, and only speak when they seek help, because they know that there is little for them after they speak, but nothing at all if their voices remain unheard.

So listen to the silence, or it will forever remain as such, silent.


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