Silence is mostly the best policy and a wise strategy
And hearing this we all grew up with this mentality
I ask are we really the head and crown of creation ?
Then why do we associate speaking to humiliation?
The trumpets of that hungry elephant were better
Than those silent killers bound by their own fetter
The liberator of the chirping birds that innocent lady
Also became the victim of the incurable silent malady
Finally he said he can't breathe, and asked for his right
But they killed him and somehow it was called alright
I ask again are we really be called the head and crown?
When all we do is sit behind the screen and just frown
And we wait patiently till another catastrophe hit us hard
So that then we can say speak, share and take a new start
We exercise silence n clearly don't speak when we should
And when we do, speaking we surely have misunderstood
The silence that was the best policy and the only strategy
Have now for us become nothing more than just a tragedy


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