You push me to follow what you believe in

    When you ask me for my own views I am scorned if I answer truthfully.

Because when you asked me about my views it was not for your curiosity,

    It was to see if I would answer you “correctly”.

You pull me away from what I view is right

    Without considering my viewpoint, or any viewpoint other than your own.

         You strive to undermine all validity except for your own.

As the days drag on you torment me relentlessly.

    In many ways, it feels as though you try to melt me down,

         All so you can form me into something that is unrecognizable.


For the first time in my entire life, I have gotten away from you.

    I am allowed to think for myself.

         My views are considered valid and worthy of consideration.

I resent you though, and my chest tightens when I picture you,

    Because I know I shouldn’t have been treated that way.

I know that others should never be treated that way as well.

    All voices deserve to be heard and listened to.


So when I see people try to silence others,

    When I see others try to force their worldview on those around them,

         I am filled with rage.

Not only because that person deserves to be heard,

    But because it does the world a disservice to ignore the people who live in it.


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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