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Delve into the Mind of Depth
The Hole of Vastness
The Pit of Darkness.
Welcome to the world of Painless Absence,
Great grey wall surround this castle of Madness.
Do you Dare to enter my realm of sadness.

Blink once or twice, it doesn’t really matter,
In the end you’ll never see what I see.
Scream it out, Shout it out,
The Cat’s got your tongue,
All I hear is Stutter.

Don’t even think on extending a hand to your brother,
They gave you up long ago,
Even before you went down in Mindless LAUGHTER.
Now you are left in the dread of agony,
The Epitome of relentless treachery.

Look at me; do I sound Mad to you?
Wiser words never spoken,
Fallen worthlessly in vain, into the ears of the deaf.

Now do you feel me,
When I sit quietly and don’t speak,
My lips never utter a word,
But my mind constantly gazing
And my heart blazing with wonder.

My ears tender and harden,
As I hear the world talk.
Absolution of my ponder,
Leads me only to request
Isolation in the four walls

Silence, my only companion
And Desolation my only refuge.
I say to you, disregard
What has been said,
These words were never spoken,
Only in the thought,
Where these letters
were utter in Silence.

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