Sun, 06/01/2014 - 10:58 -- Monicaa
Black and white pictures tell a story
Well , lemme give you a little history on why i give my God the most high , glory ;
ONE I've been through it all , made a couple mistakes ; Nearly gave up because i was unsure of the later decisions i would make ;
Scared of loosing life , whether it would be mine or someones i would take.
But, i prayed through it and asked God to help me , help me get to his white picket fenced gate.
TWO , I've seen it all, felt like i was going to loose my eye sight.
Saw a couple of people snort drugs because they thought it was they only way to get "right".
Saw a couple of people get hurt , got stuck in darkness, because they couldnt find the light .
But me ? Tuh' i'm still trying to find my way but this devil is giving a hard fight.
THREE, I've lost a few things , still trying to regain them .....


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