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Silence is golden, it’s perfect

Silence is what you’ve come to expect.

You expect to have nothing heard.

The silence, keeping back all the minds thoughts classified as absurd.

The still air in a room where there lies death,

But sitting there in silence not because you’re out of breath.

One friend is approaching the Reaper,

That little Cancer they thought was a sleeper.

Sit in silence and don’t approach the topic,

Silence this way isn’t called being myopic.

Silence can heal,

No need to be verbal, what’s the big deal?

Silence when that boy you know changes into a man,

A man who chooses the hustle and sells all the drugs he can.

A boy who falls for the drugs, money, and hoes when it was a choice.

Slipping into a dangerous world but, forget the voice.

Silence is the answer,

Especially for the girl with the guy who is about to dance her,

Dance her into a drink,

In it a drug that didn’t even hit the bottom of the glass with a clink.

It dissolved much too fast for it to be seen,

No smell either, but you know where these events are about to careen.

Without the drug he can still dance her to that room,

Will her without a rubber, spelling freedom’s doom.

Then in the end let silence assume,

That she’s just a slut in an innocent girl’s costume.

But silence is needed,

The love of your life in front of you, but that love goes unheeded.

No need to indulge the heart in such joy,

Mouth shut now, remain ever so coy.

For when they walk away forgetting your name,

The silence was warranted, don’t feel any shame.

Silence is the blind solace of the mind,

Beliefs in your faith treat silence so unkind.

Keeping in your silence that great Revelation,

Though the Church then attributes you to that person’s damnation.

That chance you had to tell them the News.

But silence overcomes any faith or personal views.

Silence is a friend,

It will be there until your early end.

Silence against the manipulation,

Which later on turns into degradation.

Degradation of the personality,

But the silence refuses to face reality.

Stuck thinking that everything will be alright,

Silence stops that small part of you willing to fight.

Judging eyes and words halt eccentric speculation,

Thoughts not so eccentric, just questioning a rigid force’s dictation.

Silence is good for oneself,

Set thoughts that express feelings, opinions, and wants on the shelf.

Hold them all in, no need to be out.

See who will win in the mind and health’s bout.

Suddenly your mind starts to fade,

Marveled at by spectators just like jade.

But who are the spectators if the mind’s closed off?

Thoughts aren’t just something that can be hacked up with a cough.

The voices form in the mind slowly but surely,

Holding it all in securely, celebrating this silence prematurely.

After a while the thoughts turn dark,

Then this one thought becomes more than just a spark.

Hospital bed here we are,

Wishing it were just an accident in a car.

No those pills called out from thoughts,

Those things that were secure in silence look what they’ve wrought.

Was it the thoughts or the silence that lead it this far?

The thoughts were you driving, but the silence your car.


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