The Silence


Dreams are like death,

Don't know what you're gonna get.

Hope or fear,

Fear or hope?

To feel the warmth of love and life,

To fill our hopes, this is our life.

Tick-tock tick-tock it all stops

When the flames swallow our souls.

A sad scene repeats, where all of my

Love and happiness fade to black.


Can I be your emptiness?

Can I be your sorrow?

Take my hand, we die tonight,

Don't turn your back

On my life.

You call for me, I walk away,

My pain, my shame.

My bloody tears, they melt away

Your love for me.

The Silence.


Time is all yours, mine's run out.

A silly, little gamble and I'm on the ground.

Then you cried out those three little words,

That broke my heart and stole my soul.

Now, I'm running out of control,

I'm burning, burning to smoke.

Hear my pain, feel my words,

Hear my pulse as it explodes.


Can you wash away; this pain I feel?

My scars, show I can survive.

My best friend, my worst friend,

It's you, and me again.

Can you help me, can you save me?

I can't do the same for you.

The rainbows are far away,

Now let's go, just you and me...

But I walked away...

But I walked away...


I see the storm on the horizon,

Perchance the rain will bring me

A second life.

Now in a sea of memories,

I will drown in a river

Of my sins.



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