Silasyrhc (Chrysalis)



Years of being patronized has caused me to change my name

From Now on I am Benjamin Button

I age dramatically and grow - well get younger as the years go by

I revert into my child-like state and innocence reborn

The lack of understanding for me only makes this process speed up faster

My 32 teeth turn to 16 teeth, then 8 then 4 then 2

Soon the last two go back in

Humiliated as I shit and piss myself for no reason

Crying for god knows why

and I vomit from the smell of Gerber's

This is what I have been reduced to

A butterfly  that is gone through a phase of Silasyrhc

Being reverted back into its pathetic  caterpiller state

I crawl because they don't listen

My voice is silenced and never taken seriously

I am at constant risk of being stepped on



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