The Sight of Your Final Resting Place


Your body much to young at the wise old age of five

Your heart and soul remain at large

Your spirit  ripped from the hands of earth

and forced to leave without a spoken word

Your smile was left to be engraved in our minds

Your footprints were left to be captured by our hearts


You left so suddeningly yet with diginity

yet we all still sit here and wonder why

You are no longer around the corner

You are no longer at the end of the hall

waiting with that backpack that was far from small

You no longer walk on the sandy shores 

You no longer have the privilege of walking on earth

Yet it stills seems like yesturday that you were all ours


We search everyday hoping you will be waiting

We push ourselves a little harder just to get by

We laugh with tears in our eyes

We just wish you could return 

We count the days

Eight years have gone by so slow

We carry your picture from class to class

We mangae even though we are filled with sorrow


Our place of comfort seperates us by feet of earth 

Our eyes water at the site of the floweres 

 and the little toys that are scatter the earth

Our memories remain cherished

Our souls tend to shake

Our eyes water the ground

as we hug the dirt 


But we will remain 

Even through the darkness we will stay

The solar lights will always be on to scare the monsters away

We know it's been eight years but you still glow


I look at life diffrerently 

I wonder why we are not with you

I ask that you be at peace

I want there to be a heavenly place

I set my standards high

I visit you often always leaving a note


I'm chasing my dreams with you in mind

I'm reaching for the sky

I'm planning to be a nurse 

I'm keeping your memory alive

I'm going to be taking care of children 

just like the nurses in the ICU when you were five

I'm going into each day knowing you are watching 

I'm aware that you do not physically walk with us

I'm sure though one day we will come 

from far and near just to see each other above


We will always be there

Your brother

Your best friend

Your reading buddy

Your parents 


One day though you will be there with us

Some how, some way 

We will all be together

That will be the day.








Watching your reading buddy and your best friends little brother die at the age of five stays with you long after the years have gone by. This little boy inspired me to become a pediatric nurse. So I'm taking all the steps to get myself prepared for nursing school once I graduate high school. Some how and some way I need to keep his memory alive. 

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