Sight of the truth


this is a mission of equal vision
peace for your brother and loving one another
no one has to die just to see civil rights
and these kids dont have to cry cuz they got no food
and there parents got the flu
stop wasting millions on who you wanna sue
and get a fucking clue
so many children die every day from malaria and aids
while you complain about the day
open your eyes to the world and the problems that we face
stop this racism and hatred between religion
ghandi had a dream and bob marly had a vision
people have no rights and politians making war are decision
when really you dont need anything but peace love and wisdom
get a grip on life and stick up for all these victims
dont believe the words of the system
and stick to your traditions
love one another cuz thats how we get along
what you call a song is somthing with meaning 
not a bunch of words that talk about your bong
and your car that half the world cant afford
The cost of living sky rocketing
people in desperate need of things like amoxecillin
But the hospitals keep billing
and those bills keep filling
pockets of the 10% at the top grinning
And if that’s not sinning
then we are not winning
cause it’s killing men and women 
So give me pen I’m willing to stand up and fight
I wont lose sight of what is right


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