It is foreign to me, like entering a class room for the first time. I do not know what to expect and I fear the unknowingness of it all. I am greeted with darkness for my eyes act as their own master, unwilling to open, I am afraid, petrified like a prisoner on a pirate ship about to walk the plank for the first time. What if it did not work? What will it be like? I forcibly pull my eye lids apart similar to tearing a prisoner from their cell, who awaits their execution. Darkness envelops me like a sea of emotions taking me hostage in its tide. Tears begin to fall like a slow dripping faucet and my eyes begin to regain light, the tears stop. Where am I? Who am I? The doctor places something on my face. There is light, it is blurry, like that terrifying moment when you wake up in the morning after a bad night. Like looking under a microscope and searching for a destination, my eyesight because more and more clear to me as I focus on the light around me. The first thing I see is a face, it is blurry but it is there. How can this be? I jump of the bed but almost fall to the ground in the process, I hear a voice say "be careful", they grab my arm, my heart jumps into my stomach. Who are these people? Then I hear her voice. My savior, the woman I owe my life to, the reason I am here today; my mother. Standing with such grace at 5'6 feet she is nothing like I could have possibly imagined. Never could I have been prepared for such a beautiful sigh, my mother with her radiating forest green eyes, and black velvet hair, and captivating smile. My eyes swell with tears again but this time with happiness and I feel as I am no longer a walking body in a world full of dancers. I jump in her arms, and my arms wrap around anything I can get a hold of, which happens to be her head, I find her shoulder and my head rests there as the tears soak her Iliac blouse. As my head makes her shoulder its permanent home, I close my eyes and the darkness surrounds me yet again. But, this time the dark is comforting, because now I have the opportunity I never had in my entire life, to open my eyes and see the light; to live.

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