Sidewalk Education

I woke up one morning drowning in my own blood
On the sidewalk of Colored People Avenue in Who Gets To Be American Parkway
Floating in and out of consciousness Dreaming that good ol' American Dream
Seeing my true potential flash before my eyes
Pictures of myself as a doctor, scientist, engineer, and teacher
All things never to be achieved
Breathe. Bum Bum Bum Bum
As I rise out of my own body
I see myself- Killed
Trampled on by the government
Equal protection for me was never a thing
Because I grew up on the wrong side of the street.
Flashbacks of my childhood begin to fill my mind
Now time has given me new perspective
When I stepped into the classroom, I became shackled
Transferred back 200 years into slavery
Institution forcing me into to poverty
Leaving me helpless
Feeding me just enough to keep me alive but never enough to become strong
Strong enough to overcome
Fight back and get on top, to compete
Give white students a run for their money
Take back the chance to succeed
See, racial inequality is still a thing.
What if trapped within the mind of a the second rate citizen child was the cure to cancer, dementia, HIV?
What if young black boys could receive homes Instead of ghettos, new textbooks instead of guns, and a diploma instead of a jail cell or tombstone by the time they are 21?
Dream, my dreams, I guess a girl could dream
But Entitlement and Privilege succeeded in exploiting me.
When I stepped into the classroom I could not breathe
The teachers' ignorance suffocates me
They turn their eyes pretending not to see
Blaming me for everything, Disregarding the real forces here at play.
Unequal Funding, Crappy Teachers, Thirty Year Old Textbooks, and Pop Cans for Beakers
Watch as I melt away.
My culture flees from my
Afraid that if it stays it too will be placed under arrest and never see the light of day.
But I cannot turn back time
As I rise out of my own body
I see myself- Killed
On the sidewalk of Colored People Avenue and Who Gets To Live Free Parkway


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