Side Glances

Wed, 07/30/2014 - 01:51 -- Kate17


Madison, N.H.
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United States
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In the ungrippable reality that is a world

With racism.

Proof is in the side glances. 

I am a witness to this injustice, for multiple offenses. 

Prior to my time at Syracuse U,

My beloved hours with the orange and blue,

I lived

In a glass box.

Seeing, but not understanding the severity of the divisions people make for themselves. 


I was sheltered from the hate, of which I now see from my urban-based higher education.

And the denial, over such division. 

Folks seperate themselves on "attitude," "habits" or "lifestyle."

Not dialect.

Not religion.

And deffinately not the pigmentation of the largest organ. 

I have a new sight.

New skill.

Which is to spot the hate.

Spot ignorance.

And bully it, with the 206 mean bones in my body.

Each of which push that boundary.

With my gental nature, and kind heart

A passed me may have looked passed the snarls of people who hyperfocus on the whiteness of my hand, in the warm brown hand of my only love. 

A passed me may have shook off the borderline joke of a rich white male

Being under the impression that...

Rascists are rare.



They don't run our government.

Build business.

Drive our patrol vechicles.

Monopolate education and resources.


Sitting in the sun one day,

With my only love,

I certainly did not receive a glare from a father,

Who's three-year-old daughter I granted a smile,

For the reason that my youthful, BLACK boyfriend

was wearing a hood.


I've certainly never witnessed one of my small town patrol officers

Cut off a large truck

To bulldog a silver SUV onto the side of the road,

For the crime of 

"Driving while black," as Sam Kelley would say. 


I certainly never had to assure the love of my life that the people in my life won't hate against him

Because he is dark skinned. 


White America certainly doesn't overlooked these internalized prejudices.


Even in this struggle against daily offenses from hate, 

I'm happy.

For I have found profound love

And I will not be stripped of my right to happiness and love

Because some people would rather see me with someone like my WHITE

All-American Athlete ex-boy friend

Who robbed me of time

By pretended to care for anyone other than himself


Rather than with the man who sees me for all my quarks and qualities

And still isn't afraid to commit to love, in a world of hate. 


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