Unknown call individually we received

To embark on a life journey 

Later our mission changed 

We are not hikers we are passengers like you 

But we are warriors that fight for tomorrow and tomorrow 

We are delicate and very important 

Yet our mission is an antidote to family happiness 

As if we are ugly creatures that bring sadness, morose feeling and gushing tears

Though a different story our countenance tells

We wish to leave, we wish to resemble the wind and restored lost joy 

On a second thought our demise will cause pain more than the pain of dry wounds 

Don't hate us; we hold no malice about you 

Love us! We love you too 

Pray for us! We pray for you too

Hug us and don't isolate us 

Embrace our trauma and whisper into our ears channel to our hearts 

Words of encouragement 

We live to fight each day 

Your smile is our strength 

This poem is about: 
Our world
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