In Sick Bed

In Sick Bed / Dark Angel
Feeling alone, scared 
You are never are around 
you are always uptown 
playing around 
deep despair
with no care 
You walked around like a king
telling me I need you 
I want you to 
You do this 
our I will do that 
your eyes are always on me
even when your not with me 
You touched my heart 
then you started tearing it down
You cut me in so many peices 
beat me down 
made me feel like I was a beat up clown 
You would yell at me 
Moonlight did you give up your sight yet 
of your free will 
Then I started feeling i'll 
Dark Angel started getting out of hand 
push me down to read my mind 
Look at me he would tell me 
let me see your eyes 
I started to feel lost
my eyes started rolling back
I didn't no what was happening to me 
I felt I was losing control of myself 
Dark Angel 
looking deeper and deeper in my mind
Until he seen I still had light 
left in my soul 
but he couldn't ever see my visions
So he put a nasty spell on me 
that made me very i'll
sent me to bed rest 
until I changed 
I tried to help myself to fight him 
but I couldn't he was to strong for me 
He picked me up 
started walking to the castle 
you could feel the mist of the fog 
upon my skin 
the creepy sound of the night 
ravens keeping an eye out 
haven't I made you uncomfortable
I never said a world I am to sick 
I couldn't even speak 
Dark Angels breath at my face 
every time he spoken to me 
His world playing over and over  in my heard
Please I cried out to Stop
but he never did 
Finely he open the door to the castle 
and started walking up stars 
to take me to my darken room
I been crying for the pain to end 
He puts me on a big kings bed 
walked away 
locked the door 
and that is were I stayed .

Lilly Emery



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