Shutting Down


My thoughts are static my eyes are blank

My life is rotting my home is rank

My head full of voices my consciousness flickers

My will is lost my mind whirrs

My throat is dry my voice rasps

My body’s still my breath gasps

My vision is blurred my ears hear nothing

My tongue is shriveled my skin full of sting

I sense pain I hear screaming

I feel my skin crack I feel the bleeding

I cannot breath I cannot feel

I cannot think I don’t know what’s real

I see my fears I see joys crushed

I see living nightmares I see dreams shushed

I smell the burning I feel the heat

I hear the crunching I can’t retreat

My heart is broken my body is dead

My life is ending my vision is red

I cannot go on I can’t even try

I’m taken by devils I’m left alone to die


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