Sh*t You Can't Say To Your Teacher

Sat, 01/24/2015 - 21:18 -- NatBad

After five years, 

One defied,

No more boundaries,

No more lies.

"I can't learn in class, 

My teachers don't care,

Being part of your 'family' 

Is lonesome and rare."


Cassi broke the students' vow:

To never speak your mind, 

Teachers have a lot of power 

We're only protected by divide.


But her tweet went viral

And brought on a slew;

Complaints of outcasts 

and teacher reviews


"You've lost a damn good student,"

Cassi had said.

Comments of outrage

and praise had led.


"You've got a lot of courage."

One girl replied.

Another scoffed, 

and said it was lies.


"We're not a family,

Not yet at least,

But she's got a lot of friends,

You'd think the obsession would cease."



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