Sh*t you can't say to your teacher


I sat there thinking,

What makes me any different than the girl next to me?

I glance back looking,

What makes me any different than the girl behind me?


I'm the same color,

I'm the same free spirit,

I'm the same flavor,

But you're killing it


You're killing me


You stood there yelling, 

Yelling at me 

I sat there fearing

Fearing to see


To see the faces facing me

The laughs, the giggles

I was no longer free 

It was that simple


You're killing me


You think of yourself as a hero

The big football coach

But to me, you’re just a big zero

Just a dirty lil' roach


You make me sick,

Bullying someone half your size, 

Listen here dick,

Listen to my quiet cries


You're killing me


You think I can't feel?

You think I'm trouble?

Are you made out of steel?

Well I'm about to bust your bubble


I’m not plastic

I'm glass

I'm not laughing

You're surprised?


You're killing me 


I'm faceless

Walking in this world, 

I'm nameless

A nameless little girl


The things you don't see,

They make you blind,

But here's the key

To inside my mind


Take a step inside


See my pain

See my lost

See my shame

See the cost


See what has been took

See what is beneath

See what you woke

See what I'm keeping


Take a step inside




What you see,

Isn’t what you think

Won't you please?

I'm on the brink


Blinking my tears away


Stop killing me, and take a step inside

Don't bully

Stop judging me on what's on the out side



Judge me on the outside,

Why should I care?

Unlike you, I have pride.

Now that I've shared


You can’t kill me anymore


I am now strong

I have the power

Now that you are gone

I am suddenly louder


I am free again



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