The sh*t I wish I could have said to my teachers.


To my teacher from Math,

Whom, by the way, really needed a bath,

To this man who resembled an ape,

I would kick in his lower geometric shape.

To my teacher from Biology,

I would say to her that she requires a class on cardiology,

And although of her crude size, she presumed to be superior,

But my worst nightmare was to see her posterier!

To my teacher from History,

Even though his background life was a mystery,

We knew he was as plain as a duck,

And to him I say "Goodbye you old f*ck"

To my teacher from English,

She was the most despised and caused the most anguish,

Her over behavior made me want to call her a female dog,

But with much restraint, she remained a brutal hog.

I will go on about this english teacher whom made me suffer

As the days went on they only got tougher.

I would say a different million things to each of the lot,

But in the end, all I could muster, was a grateful "Thanks alot!!"


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