sh*t that i can"t stand

now see the shit i can't stand is when a boy on tv is smiling making you believe that society is helping i look at the screen simply seeing that im not a nomal being

"the shit i can't say to my teacher"

looking in newspapers seeing the everyday people assuming that pregnacy is the new trend 

wondering why every man trying get between your legs 

"the shit i can't say to my teacher"

finally i hope and dream like a small child praying to the cross that holds jesus hands that finally someday i would be a man who could actually stand tall and feel stable

"the shit i can't say to my teacher"

ecery little boy and girl has a dream to hopefully some day to join a team that down for them not like to bully the worldly treasures and the children of god but to finally wipe the tears from there eyes and feel them with never ending happiness and joy 

"the shit i can't say to my teacher"

now the shit i can't stand is that i look in the illusion of myself and see the dark crackling laughter of the shades of myself 

"the shit i can't stand "

i walk the halls of my school as i watch the towering devil of a man picking on the young and weaker there 's a word for this i think i believe

"the shit i can't say to my teacher" 

is realizing that i dream of dreams that are so far from me that it blows my mind and explodes again and reconfigures its fragmented self 

"the shit i can't  say to my teacher"

the shit i can't stand is writing so many words only to be analyzed by just one like its a simple pun almost like im still a invisible man that crosses heaven and earth just to wake up face first in the dark 

now the this the shit i can't stand is all of this but how many words can one person read till they realize your just a another unappreciated reflection of me 



It's real good too I like this one. (I put too insted of to because I said the same thing about another poem)

Joey Joe


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