Sh*t I Can't Say to My Teachers


This has been  years comin’

I’m not holdin back.

What youre saying is wrong, and that’s a fact.

Not supposed to be preachin,

Supposed to be teachin

Now ima tell you whats wrong in ya speech, man.


You're idiotic,

You're moronic,

You're a joke.

Nobody takes you serious.

Get outta my face.


Im not your child,

I got a moms and a pop.

Call my crib, I dare you!

It don’t matter

You think im getting yelled at? Ha! You funny


What’s ya problem?

You don’t know me.

My mom pays taxes, so basically you work for me.

You a teacher? Is that your first career choice, or your last resort,

 cause clearly you don’t know how to grade my report.

It kills me how you think you can talk to me crazy  and don’t expect me to say something back.

That’s how a conversation works, Teacher.

Remember that?


This is sh*t I cant say

You lucky I gotta hold my tongue

But best believe….You gonna hear me one day.

Prepare yourself.


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