Shower Thoughts

Mon, 11/30/2015 - 21:00 -- kconrow

Somewhere between the changing color of porcelain white skin, to cherry red flesh

My mind wanders

I wonder if it’s that hotter water that hurts so good

But my most philosophical thoughts bloom in those 15 minutes spent absolutely vulnerable,

In a 5 ft by 5 ft square of space

Maybe it’s the horrendous floral curtain my mom thought was a lovely touch

But something about sitting in my shower at 2 am thinking

Sickens me

But those hot baths that seem hotter than the fever I'm running,

Always seem to calm my illness

I used to think baby showers were parties where they cleaned babies

But I later realized it’s a party where you shower the mother of the baby with a range of gifts that may be of assistance

But some mothers just need a long hot shower after coming home from a boring job,

To a house of 4 kids and a poor excuse of a husband

Yet they never get one

Some people have sex with their husbands in the shower

Which always makes me laugh because you're getting clean while getting dirty

And then there’s the people who have no choice but to be dirty

With dirt that could never be washed away by those small streams of water that range from a small drizzle to a hurricane

I like standing out in the rain,

Especially when it is so hard that you can see the drops bounce off your skin

And it’s like you're in one BIG shower

But then I open my eyes and remember that I am only in a 5ft by 5ft square

And I’m running late



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