Shower Kurtain Kōan

Lina Lamont? Kathy Selden?

Which one am I?

I'm both and neither

I am always both and neither.

The lover of a lady, the ponderer of past personalties, and the forgetful musician

There is no distracting drapery masking some true identity

No hide-n-cower shower curtain

For the curtain would curtail my singing in the rain

                                             Is all of life a stage if I only hear one hand clapping?

Yes, for different roles make different wholes

Because that one hand clapping could help me reach my goals

I am always acting, yet I never act

For my ten thousand selves, they're a tesseract

When life handed me the lemons, I read the facts

The argumentative and acquiescent son, the wise and witty one, the addict with some self control

Which one am I?

I am always all and none



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