Show Me Your Childhood

I wonder when it all changed….
When did you fall?
When did you say
That the world wasn’t full of happy days
And bright sunlight?

I wish I could have seen you then.
A child, so carefree
And happy to be
In this world of your making and whimsy.

But the world shifts, and continues to turn
And you shifted with it,
To morph and survive
Scarred and burned by this new life
Of responsibility and pain.

The fantasy left you; an imagination
Left on the other side,
In the rain, to shun
This reality called life.

But I will reach out to you through the dark;
I can help you through it all
If you will take my hand. 
I reach, though you can't see.

Together, we could change it all.
together, we could survive this world
and bring back the sun 
in which we strive to be.

I want to see you as your childhood self
So full of innocent smiles and
such bright laughter, so happy and carefree.

But this time, perhaps, might it be?
That for a moment, beside you,
With you, will be me.


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