Show Me

Show me a way to acknowledge


The world we live in is confusing, turning, shocking-

Show me a way to make sense of everything around me.

I wonder, sometimes, how to express who I am.

I wonder, more often, how to express what I see.

Stumbling in the dark isn't




So I have paper, and a pencil, or a pen.

Writing out the words of what I see, metaphors or not-

Comparing the sun to a yellow orb or going infinitely in loops 

Pondering to myself about the state of man. 

Both are poetry.

The paper is mine, and me, both at the same.

It is anything I can make it, for however long, and for whatever purpose.

It helps me to understand, that by producing words from my brain

Onto a canvas entirely mine

I'm making more sense to myself.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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