Show it, save her

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 08:17 -- kayak

Slip, slide, falling to black.
Who will save her?
Standing up on her own,
What good? For she is alone.
Through the ages she will remain.
Where be her destination
once her shell is gone?
Invisible, but to the One
who longs to join with her,
side by side, and under being too-
One to help it through.
Yet fate lies in the hands
of two things, brain and heart,
two organs collaborate.
They eat and chew Earth’s knowledge,
but nothing will appease them.
Thus, not reaching an accord,
their maker they abhor.
She cannot control their findings,
Yet is punished if they’re wrong,
And finds herself falling.
She watches from inside
as the outer portion suffers.
Thanks to those two organs,
both may fall to the Dragon.
The emotions of her skin
reveal the inside lost
and searching for a rescue.
Help it, will you?
For, in turn, you help her
to find her way
to end, throw Earth away.


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