To show I understand what you're going through

When I was young once long ago,

Threatened I was: though I didn't Know

My parents feared as to my fate

Afraid that the doctors would be too late


And the doctors did all that they could

for the fear of my parents they understood,

they opened my skull and saw the mass

knowing that they had to work fast.


Many at the time thought those efforts to be in vain,

As my life this tumor continued to drain,

But those doctors' efforts weren't destined to be lost

For God had not let my death be the cost


To show I understand what it is you're going through

I have come here to carol for you

For Christmas is the time for giving: As God's done

And I do hope this will bring peace to everyone.

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Isaiah 12:2
For there is no fear when you have God in your life
Great poem
God will never fail you.

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God bless you

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