Shouting out my lungs

Tie up your  shoes 

Baby girl you have nothing to lose 

You keep your head high when you are feeling the blues 

Baby girl what is there better to do 

School once again

Around this time it's pretty grim 

Hell with it Aim ready to start  my life but education is key to get out of this poverty 

I'm down for what is to come

Not scared nor  tired, not blue but I can see the rainbow 

Only good fortune so like my granny says 

"Baby girl what is there to lose lace up, nut up and show up ... 

Be who ever the hell you want to be not what other kids want you be"

By the time school came I was glowing ready to be me and not let others try to teach me who to be but

The fact that this time I am for Sure Ready to blow some minds!! 






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