Shouting to Be Ignored, Writing to be Heard

I am loud

I shout my ideas to anyone who will listen

In a crowd, my voice is easy to pick out

I am always shouting to be heard

I know they hear me

But I know, no one really listens

When you are the loudest, you are heard the least

“She has nothing worthwhile to say, because she is always talking”

I am always talking

I am always talking because I always have something to say, to tell you

But when I write a story or a poem, people listen

Poems are a whisper

People strain their ears to hear them, to understand them

Stories are biographies of your imagination

When I write, people try to understand my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings

People look at me for who I am through my writings

And to me, there is nothing more precious in the world

Than to be understood so thoroughly that I don’t have to shout to be heard anymore


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