Should Be My Lady

Sun on my skin

Should be my lady

Juice in my blood

Should be my lady

Sin on my mind 

Should be my lady

Death's giving hugs should be my lady


They say it's 3:09

But I can't tell the time

Raspberry and more on my side

Hoping I won't see the sun rise


Maybe i'll fall off the top

Level of air taking shall stop

Finally get to meet my pops 

Get to velvet of my chocolate drop


Get the reasoning for every speck of reality

Answers why the clocks are quick for some, 

but slow for me 

Why she's older 

Society says I can't hold her

Feels like bolders

My heart's getting colder 

I'm getting released into the wrong substances.

Ain't nothing but trouble and i'm loving it.

Didn't you know I can handle her?

Embrace every angle like a camera. 

Unify our bodies like I had a speech made.

Everyday I wait for her to say she's running late.


Then I go to the cup

Then I go the book

Then I go to the notepad

Wanting her to look

Her fixing her hair tells me that she cares, 

but she wasn't even there. 


God's holding my hand

Should be my lady

Tugging to the after 

Should be my lady

Greeting the lost ones

Should be my lady

Crying for pain

Should be for joy

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