Shots of You

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 20:04 -- JSims4


United States
31° 10' 58.8036" N, 84° 18' 43.6536" W

The intoxication of your being
Has me drunken in a stupor
Lost in your eyes and in your smile
Unknowingly driving me wild
With a yearning to touch the deepest
The most unreachable point of your being....the inner most chamber of your heart
I sit and think and dream up the days and different ways I could possibly shape and mold your heart into a work of art of mine
make it something that you would love to share w/ me so deeply sincerely
merry go round of thoughts,merry go round lots
...of different ways but I'm saying You. Have. Me. Drunk....intoxicated by the essence of YOU


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