The Shot


Filters and Captions can't define the person who was frozen in time when the picture was taken.

Without the power of technology  I am ME.

Simple and Authentic as I can be.

Even though those add-ons make my life simpler and make my shots look to my satisfaction they aren't the real me.

I hide my self through those filters, hidding my identity.

A picture can demonstrate a thousand words they say, so why caption it yourself?

Why not let others guess who was the girl/boy in the picture?

The shot was your choice, but the picture is what defines you, because what the camera originally caught was what you see of yourself.

SO next time, don't filter it or caption it. Accept it how it is and be proud of it.

Be proud of who you are, no matter if you have scars or pimples on your face.

Because that is you, and who you are.

That all together is worth the shot.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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