A shot


Shoulders prickling with Excitement

A bubble in my chest

Focus naught on any else

My thirst is unrelenting


And then I take a shot


Coursing through my veins

Like a soothing elixir

Mind is greased

Body relaxed


And then I take a shot


Now my muscles tighten

My vision is blurred

Thoughts inhibited

Actions undeterred


And then I take a shot


Here appears the woman

The apple of my eye

I met two hours past

This angel from the sky


And then I take a shot


Table came from nowhere

I think I stubbed my toe

I wish I was a bear…

I really love the snow


And then I take a shot


I fuckin’ love you man

What’s your name again?

Everything is spinning



And then I take a shot


My porcelain pillow

Where at last I lay my head

Pit stop on the floor

In vomit I’m found dead


And then they take a shot


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