A Short Life

Do you ever think about the times you say that you wish or you hope? 

Why is our hopes and wishes not yet a reality?

People go through their daily routine always dreaming of something better yet they don't do anything. Now it would be different if those people actually did something to make a difference to their future.

Life is full of opportunities so why not take a chance? 

Risks are considered the dangerous unknowns to life but to me, risks can open doors to something that you may have already thought was closed.

How about make some goals to try to achieve what you really want in life? 

Yeah, there are limitations in life but that shouldn't stop you because there is always some type of solution to a problem. 

Stop thinking about the what ifs and open your mind to something new.

In a society like today's, it's hard to distinguish between the possible and impossible but let me tell you, everything is possible with a little hard work and effort. 

Try something new. Listen to someone's idea. Step beyond your comfort zone. You never know where it may lead you.

While some people may say that they hope their wishes come true one day, I will be jumping from goal to goal because life's too short to just wish and hope.

Everyone has potential, trust me. 


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