Shoot me

I was walking by the ocean and I heard a foot step approaching!

I didn't look back, so I continue walking.

I burst into tears, and I fell by the ocean!

He ran and picked me up, and brought me to his home.

He looked at me and smile, and I ask where am i?

He walked away without saying a word.

I got up and ran out as quick as possible, and finally I made it home.

Honey, i'm home!


In, in, in my bed! Are you freaking serious!

I thought you loved me! 

I trusted you, and look at this!

Us! We planned our lives together.

I can't believe you!

I'm done! D.O.N.E meaning done.

Don't call me!

Don't text me!

Forget me!

I hate you! 

I wish you were dead!

I loved him, but  he took my heart and throw it in the trash! 

Shoot me! Shoot me now! 

Do it, shoot me! 

I don't want to live any longer! 

I can't live life with this feeling no more! 

Just shoot me and everything will be over!

Shoot me, or i'll shoot you!

I really did love you!

And i'll always love you!

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