Shit You Can't Say to Your Teacher

Shit you can’t say to your teacher –

“How the hell are ya?!

I’m doing FINE myself!

Today I argued with my parents,


You wanna know why?

Oh, no reason really.

Understanding why anyone does anything is over rated anyways.


Can you believe them though?

A parent should never tell their child that they won’t get into college,

Not to say that they shouldn’t speak up when they fill it's appropriate,

The main thing though is they do it so harshly.


Saying I’m being wasteful of my time and yelling at me

And you’d think they’d at least try to understand the stress I have,

You’d think they’d try to have fun with me while they still have me,


That they’d ease up now and then

Or at least ask me how I am rather than how scholarships are going.


You know, I’m starting to think that maybe eighteen years is enough for them

Or maybe they just need to calm the fuck down because

Unless I’m going out getting drunk and pregnant they should chill,

Really I mean, what’s their damage?


They only seem to be able to yell at me,

Everything I do is just wrong and unnecessary in their eyes

And now it’s like we can’t even go one damn day without fighting,

Calling each other names, and not being able to look at each other.

Hurrying up to get dressed in the morning in order to  avoid them,

Every day I do that now, because I’d

Rather take off and not see them at all than put up with their paranoia….


Oh yeah…. How’s your day going again…?” ‘:-/

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