Shit Talk

Mon, 08/05/2019 - 14:57 -- karma78

you're an asshole

your personality loosens and tightens

as shit falls from your mouth

though most would be willing to eat straight from your hands

i refuse to even walk on the same porcelain stones as you

i flush your whirls out of my mind

and rewrite my own future

as i sit on your dumbass throne

pen in hand

ready to stab anyone

that even dares to open the God forsaken door

i swear that with whatever is left

i will shove it down your throat

and pretend the flies aren't swarming out of your eyes

and when it comes to your bullshit lies

i will curl my nose and snarl

i will write every last truth

and when asked

i will hand you the last roll

and tell you to clean up your crap



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