Shit, I was silent.


I guess you thought you were a king, 

And I was your subject, four years of my life I had to bring. 

I suppose you enjoyed it,

Ruling my life every bit. 

But now I'm done with it all,

And watch me I'm going to stand tall. 

I'm going to be who I will be, and fight for what I want to fight for,

I get to study what I want to study, and you can't shut any door. 

I got so sick and tired, of trying to be a mini you, and getting yelled at,

At the drop of a bloody hat, for not being perfect at that. 

And when I couldn't meet your standerds, compassion you never showed,

"Fuck you, little faggot. Grow up and leave."  I was told. 

You used to throw things at me, if I ever made you mad. 

And take it out on my siblings and that's what made me sad. 

So look at me now, I made it out of your house,

I'm 17 bitch, and fully independent, and I'll never speak to you again or your spouse. 

So I'm dedicating this to you, in a way you made me who I am,

You're the reason of these scars, walls, and fears, I'm going to be who I can. 

Sky's the limit I hear, and I can believe, that a dream is a plan,

I can make it reality, I'm the master of my fate now because I can. 

Now it's my life,

I'm going to live it. 


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