Shiny, Glittery, Golden

Did you know you were amazing? How dare you keep such good news from me?!

A very belated congradulations is in order, we need to celebrate and have a gift exchange of talents.

With two hands and ten fingers you built up someone I am proud of so again I say, sweetheart you're amazing.


This is a tricky one and a litle hard to hear, sweetie don't be scared I'll rip off the band -aid quickly.

Now quick think. When was the last time someone told you your worth?

If you can't remember that's fine just know you are priceless. Much like fine wine you've gotten better with time.

And your time is now hunny so let me see that gorgeous smile.


Last but not least, you come first. You are beautiful, and I'll say it again in case it is your first time hearing these

golden words, I refuse to let it e your last. Sweetie you are not your past. Darling you are freaking beautiful.


I'm sorry if I siund repetetive, but your greatness is so golden it is worth saying again.

You may be a little different but that's alright. There are many type of diamonds and they all shine.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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