Shine on Love


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Your eyes sparkle like the twilight moon
Your touch warms my heart like a soft tune
I can’t wait till the day I make you mine
Because girl you all that’s on my mind
This world has become too small
Let’s travel from spring to fall
Let’s make people understand
What true love is and why it stands
Life is to short to stay right here
Let’s travel there’s nothing to fear
Love is true love is kind
I’m the fool and your mine
From here to there is not to far
Because from there to here I can use the car
People have tried to keep us apart
But you can’t separate our hearts
Our love and hope are strong
That’s how I know we aren’t wrong
We found each other when hope was none
But we gave each other hope when it was gone
Today marks the first and best year
Know this the end will never be near

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