Mon, 12/09/2013 - 19:23 -- ll2014

there is only one person
that means the most to you
only one person who claims that spot for you
and when someone comes and fills it
its what keeps you going

through all this bullshit
that you've cried over
it makes you sick to your stomache
just to deal with it
but you keep going
cuz you know thats what they want
they want to see you rise up
and be better for it

instead of getting weighed down
like all your past responses
you get up when your kicked down
instead of being ran into the ground
you know its worth it

so man up
dont let them make you frown
smile when they talk to you
even though your really sad
cuz they love you

they want to see you shine
dont let the bullying get to you
just rise and shine

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Jessi D

 I love the way this poem is written.  Very powerful!! Can't wait to read more.

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