ShhhhhHave respect for those who



Have respect for those who want to work

Independently, this is your project not an "our" project.

Think before you speak so I won't reject what you say.

You should know school is required, it's not something that pays!

Oh how teachers go on and on about how school is important but

Under no circumstances do they think "wow, maybe i'm pushing it?"

Calling us out in front of the class to embarrass us like we don't have feelings

And making us feel stupid when you think questions are easy

No, we don't know as much as you so don't treat us like we're scholars

Teach us what we need to know and maybe we wouldn't holler.

Show us class can be fun, don't just stand there and be mono tone. Do you see

Any kid that reacts to that? NO! all you'll hear is them groan!

You have to remember we come first, if dealing with teenagers isn't your

Thing please feel free to leave. No one is stopping, the door is over there just take your steps

One, two, three.

You're going to have good days with us and bad days with us

Our mood most of the time is depended on you

Understand this is not a rant but simply and observation. I

Really hope you don't take any of this as an understatement.

Tell us when we're being bad,  but also make us understand. You can't just yell at

Everyone for something one person did, how is that going to stand?

Also, do you ever think that us helping our peers is actually a good thing? or when we

Compare answers we're not cheating? we're

Helping one another while you help who you can

Everyone wants to pass your class but you make it diffiult when we can't help each other out.

Remember this though, because i'm speaking for all the kids in your class who just sit and pout

       this is all just SH*T WE CAN'T SAY TO YOU


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