She's Living Her Life.

Sun, 10/10/2021 - 17:12 -- Wired6

They only let her live there so

they could nosey around in her stuff.

She knew they had a copy of her door key,

so they could go in her room whenever they wanted2.

Letters,clothes,creative and spiritual work,suddenly disappeared.


The Cherry was close 2 the woods-took their share.

The Brant was also near the wood-the creatures stole everything in sight-

poems,essays,quotes,journals,spiritual insights,clothes,letters,cd's.

They told her she was imagining it all!!


They told her that she has 2 leave now,

some shit about 

her age  not being right!

They got what they've wanted from her for time.

So she's no longer useful.


All their minions sent 2 her 2 keep a watchful eye on her life,

have retreated,out of sight,but not out of mind.

Against the Law what they've done 2 her.

in the process of all being be rectified.

As for her,she's living her life.

There's nothing they can do anymore

What's been sent,will be sent back to them

She thinks.

"It's not over till the fat lady sings."

Great quote


(c)Wired6 3/10/2021


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