She's Alright


United States

She’s alright, She knows she is

When she’s with her friends, She forgets about the hurt

She laughs, and smiles, and puts on a face

But deep down she fears for what to expect when she returns home

Her friends, her family they don’t see, they don’t know what she goes through

Because behind those close doors, what no one knows is that their is another world waiting to be exposed

Betrayal stains the walls, screaming fills the house, and the abuse just rages on

But she’s alright, She knows she is

Isn’t she?

The pain she feels, won’t last long, she continuously tells herself

The pain she feels, it won’t last

The pain she feels, is now  custom

She’s alright, she knows she is

This she knows, as her blood fills the tub, drifting off into a neverending sleep


This poem is about: 
Our world


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