Shedding Skin

When you first look at her,

You notice not her glassy eyes,

Or her carefully done up locks.


You notice the glinting medallion

Hanging from her neck.


She parts her painted lips

She could be singing siren’s songs

She could be spewing priceless knowledge

Or telling the secrets to life itself-


But you notice the red stained medallion

Dangling from her neck


She moves her expensively bound feet

She could be dancing to an ancient ritual

She might be running faster than the wind

Or strolling gracefully along the road-


You can only notice the cursed medallion

Strangling her neck.


Her body hits the floor, empty

She could be dying

She could be freed

Maybe she’ll live after its released its hold


You can’t ignore the living medallion

Moving towards your neck.  


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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