Shedding Skin


United States
33° 12' 56.5128" N, 117° 6' 52.956" W

My insides are screaming.
I can feel my soul quake within its fragile cage.
Who am I?
With my face buried deep in the crackling soil of my hands, I weep to replenish the earth.
My elbows crack and whimper.
My vertebrae like dominos fall piece by piece.
And it all comes tumbling down.

I sit broken; shedding skin once again.
The voices of my past echo in my empty heart.
I exhale nostalgia and inhale denial.
My new self sulks in the shadows of confusion.
It's time to begin again.
Time construct a stronger exterior, one that will keep me from falling apart.

When you are a child, adults tell you to enjoy it while you can.
I never understood the sincerity of their warnings.
Until it was too late.


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