She was only nine

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 15:39 -- star2be


United States
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She was only nine
Yet her eyes had seen more than mine
This girl had been raped
But no one cared all stood and gaped
And this creature who had cheated on her spouse
With charcoal eyes she was almost a mouse
It wasn’t her fault I thought
My blood boiled and my hands became hot
Eyes downcast and legs shaking
I felt this child’s heart quaking
Standing in a weary place
Filled with dust, no sign of hatred on her face
I could not handle the intensity
Of those knowing eyes which bore into mine full of pity
Begging silently for aide I looked away
Towards the crowd who had gathered here today
They didn’t say anything, not even a yelp
Raw anger lingered in the air
This to me almost wasn’t fair
These times which put bars between people and their rights
On the inside I yearned to fight
To give aide to this sweet little thing
Dressed in all black those dark eyes closed as we all formed a ring
Around a sinner who was an adulterous and lustful fiend
Instinctively towards her I leaned
She was truly innocent; her rapist could have been stopped
As others picked up stones, I mopped
Sweat of my brow
Praying for Allahto stop this execution somehow
One stone met her eye
And the young girl started to cry as a fountain of blood sprang forth
And showed what the female was worth
She was nothing to me anymore
Girls who are raped are dead, and live through legend and lore
I could see her mother throw a stone
That hit this victim on the chest and she let out a moan
I made up my mind
For it was interesting to find
Being raped left an invisible stain
Which turned this girl into someone worthless who deserved pain
I have been affected by this sea
Of raging people, all friends with me
And in my tiny middle eastern home
Where holy prophets once did roam
I picked up a jagged rock and threw
As viciously as I could, this was the right thing to do
For if I interrupted the status quo
And went against what all my kin know
Change would come here
And change is rotten and filthy like fear
The rock hit it with a ringing thud
And then the thing fell in the mud
Laughing the group taunted and leered
Screaming like animals they all jeered

Then a bubble burst in my stomach.
And my sister, my only friend was gone.
She was only nine


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