She was once a happy girl

She was once a happy girl

Her midnight mane flowing with the wind

You’d always see her pick flowers, draw or laugh along with her friends

Everyone just simply adored her


Then there came a mean boy

He would tease her and cause her eyes to water like a waterfall

But one day, her porcelain cheek was decorated with a vibrant red hand print

Her face wet from tears, her once airbrushed smile now turns into a frown that could even make God cry

Then she snapped


2 hours later, she’s put into a place where people like her are contained

The moment she stepped foot in there, she loathed it

Later, her mother comes to visit

What she saw next, broke her aching heart

Her daughter’s beautiful hair, tamed and lost it’s shine

Dark green scrubs now hang from her petite body

The smile on her face is now replaced with a sullen frown

Her eyes were dull and had lost all their glimmer of happiness

She wasn’t dead, no, but her soul had disappeared along with her pure hearted spirit

She was once a happy little girl


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