She Was Me

She Was Me

Someone has their eyes on her,

But she refused to believe it

She had been lost, left behind, and forgotten,

And unfortunately, she remembers every second of it 

She's intelligent, determined, and brilliant,

But she didn't maximize it

She leads with her head held high, 

Inspite of the glint of fear that dimmed the twinkle in her eye

She has a passion for uplifting the souls of the nation,

But somehow, she failed to see the joy in her own situation  

Her heart had become callous to all life's trials and opposition, 

So she was strong, but it's only because she felt that she had no other option, 

She wanted to spread her wings and fly, 

But because she was afraid of failure she was reluctant to try  

She wanted nothing more than to love and be loved, 

But day after day, she told herself that she wasn't good enough

That was then, 

But this...this is now 

She was me,

But I was blind then, now I see 

Now that I have regained my vision, I ask myself, what am I waiting for?  

Although I would love to make up for lost time, I cannot

Because in doing so, I am wasting so much more.



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Hopefully my story encourages those out there who struggle with who they are, where they've been and where they're going. I have been through a lot, but I swear I'm stronger for it! :)

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